Design & Layout

All work compiled with
use of Adobe's Indesign, Illustrator
& Photoshop


Design, Layout, Photography & Print

This ongoing project was started in 2009 with the first print being in early 2010. It’s a huge job generating the various products this dynamic company produces.

The individual item pages form separate product description PDF’s for downloading on the web. The entire brochure as well as being printed is also available for download (in a very much compressed form) on the companies website.

Product photography

The photography for this project was undertaken onsite at the clients production facilities and the products ranged vastly in size, with some items being similar dimensions to a washing machine and others fitting on your finger tip.

Because of the cutting edge nature of their business, some products were being promoted before production had begun therefore some high quality computer renderings were also integrated into the brochures. In some instances, cut out images were produced using final renderings and CAD wireframe images.

Design & Layout


My initial design for this project was tweaked slightly due to the clients requirements for me to work on-site and using their own PC rather than my trusted MacBook. This revision amounted to mainly font changes, but the overall feel of the job remained.

The layout contains lots of images which regularly bleed off the page or exceed the grid layout. Most of the main product images are floating cutouts which have drop shadows to tie them into the page.

The main specification details are printed white out of a charcoal block enabling the readers to instantly access the required product data

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