Climate neutral printing with printeco

Our climate neutral printing offsets the exact amount of green house gases emitted during the production of your product. The amount of offset is calculated on the total weight of the printed product.

This additional payment will be supporting a climate protection project for forest regeneration in Brazil. 


This comparison is for guidance only


  • x 5000 A4 Flyers
  • 135gsm Silk
  • CO2-neutral shipping
  • Carbon Offset


  • x 5000 A4 Flyers
  • 170gsm Recycled FSC
  • CO2-neutral shipping
  • Carbon Offset


  • x 5000 A4 Flyers
  • 170gsm Recycled FSC
  • CO2-neutral shipping
  • Carbon Offset

Benefits to you

With climate neutral annual reports, brochures, business cards and other print materials, you can emphasise your sustainability and climate protection strategy.

Reducing your carbon footprint at a low cost for you.

By printing your products climate neutrally, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint. On average, offsetting CO2 emissions increases the original cost of the order by just 1 to 2%. Make a contribution to climate protection.

Your contribution is important for climate protection. With climate neutral printing, you will be supporting internationally recognised climate protection projects – with full transparancey assured. This will be seen as a huge plus for your customers, for whom buying from eco-friendly companies is becoming an ever increasingly important issue.

Climate-neutral shipping

As a printing company, we see it as our duty to make the greatest possible contribution to the preservation of our environment. We work together with parcel service providers DPD and DHL to reduce and offset CO2 emissions during transport.

With every order you support climate protection, because our products come to you with climate-neutral shipping. This does not cost you anything, but helps the environment to a great extent.  Thanks to CO2-neutral shipping, every shipment contributes to a sustainable climate economy.

FSC Paper

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is your assurance that it is made with, or contains, forest-based materials from FSC-certified forests or reclaimed sources.

Some of our products can be ordered with FSC® paper /board and make an active contribution to protecting and conserving the forests.

Available FSC accredited papers

Silk / Gloss finish board (400gsm)  |  Recycled paper (80 / 170 / 250gsm)  |  Natural paper (90 / 160 / 250gsm)

Portraying the right image can help your business immensely when trying to compete in this cut throat world.